Currency Chaos and Traveller’s Checks

So that’s it. The UK is leaving the EU and the pound plummets and all we care about is our holiday spending money. Vive la Revolution! Why are people so afraid of change? In or out. Shake it all about. Grrrrr I won’t let politics interfere with my fun. Selfish I know but powerless too. Just glad I bought some dollars before the shit hit the global stock market fan. Hey! it’ll be fine. It will all work out in the end and the rich will continue to get richer and the poor will continue to get fucked over. Glass of non-EU wine anyone?


the trip dreams have started

Two now. The first, a week or so back, involved preposterous delays getting to the airport. The second, this morning, involved more delays, on a bus, with an over zealous official filling out nonsensical forms. I know they are only dreams but mistakes are made and obstacles get randomly thrown in our paths. Not so bad when you travel with company but it’s been a long time since I travelled alone. Making decisions. Understanding the small print.

As a footnote, the exchange rate is pants atm. The forthcoming EU referendum this Thursday makes the uncertainty even greater. If we vote to remain Stirling may well rally. If we Brexit the pound will likely drop further. What to do?