Gates and Golf Carts

Behind barriers and gated drives
There live the protected people
The hardworking professional types
Retirees with personal pension plans
Doctors, lawyers, bankers, brokers
In manicured lakeside nirvana
Every inch not out of place
It’s all maintained just right
Each marvelled enclave connected
By golf cart buggy byways
A fairway to the next heaven
Bunkers bulging with opportunities
Their world a platter of fresh oysters
Beeming white satisfied smiles
At odds with the groundsmen
Sweating in ninety degree heat
Strimming their modern day field songs
A pastoral liturgy for history’s sake
But let’s not get too carried away
For all men are created equal
Aspire and achieve
Work and be rewarded
The American Dream is alive and kicking
A giant Stars and Stripes flies above
Secures them in their collective being
Promises riches beyond their wildest dreams
On city streets paved with gold rush fevers
Klondike days and holstered freedoms
Golf Carts for wagon trains
Pimpled round balls for bullets
A hole in one guaranteed lifestyle
Front of the queue through the pearly gates
With a little help from maid service
Ironing out the starched white clouds
Where angels salute in ex-military fashion
Free to do what only money can buy
That self-satisfied knowledge
Of being one of the chosen few
Glorious and golden
Cloaked in Hollywood finery
Image reflected in a lapis lazuli pool

Fly me to the moon
Fly me to the moon
Fly me to the moon
Fly me to the moon
And worship me in all thy glory.



5 thoughts on “Gates and Golf Carts

  1. They like to believe that it’s the american dream..but I can’t envision anything so whitebread for my America..

    Thanks for reporting, Colin. I work in many neighborhoods much like this and then commute back home to my one bedroom apartment with no benefits aside my wages. And, by the way, my “family” has been here since before Independence Day, 1776.

    Great to hear from you..

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  2. Thanks for commenting Rachel. I was very unsure of this piece and I may yet tweak a few lines to make it run smoother – posting whilst travelling using a smart phone is new to me and not without some technical issues. I deleted a whole poem the other day by accident and couldn’t remember enough of it to be able to do a rewrite. Or I fell asleep. With regards to the American Dream, I’m still figuring it out. Seems it might involve a lot of consumerism.


    • Ha! Very good. My golfing theme has obviously hit a nerve with you. I believe Trump is trying to turn Scotland into a giant golf course. No doubt he’ll succeed in time. We’re very good at selling off our national assets. I think it’s time I got some sleep!


  3. My goodness, Colin..there are a lot of Americans still trying to figure out the American dream. It does seem that they advertise it as something very consumer-driven. But, I suspect that this may be due to influences that have come about mainly due to modern industrialism and its international interests. This is a somewhat personal opinion, I realize. Yet, when I consult some others about it, it seems that I am not alone in my opinion entirely.

    It’s very refreshing to see the opinions of a non-national. I truly don’t mean to make those opinions less objective.

    Hope for you getting your writings out to us without glitch..


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