Poem of the Week

So I’m just a little bit proud this morning and the BN&SF across the street didn’t keep me awake all night with thunderous freight trains. Time to start this day and head towards Gallup, New Mexico and Winslow, Arizona. I feel a song coming on.



4 thoughts on “Poem of the Week

  1. Congrats, Colin. BTW, you’re in for some effin’ fantastic earthscape in the far west, there..some of the most odd and beautiful I’ve had the fortune of witnessing.

    Take care, man..

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    • Thanks Rachel, I only made it as far as Gallup. Spent the day wandering around El Malpais National Monument. There are 23 miles of lava flow rocks 6-8 miles wide plus lava tubes, caves, sandstone bluffs, a natural arch and an ice cave. I love finding these places by accident. They often turn out to be trip highlights. This whole area has blown my mind.

      I’ve been posting pics of my trip on my Facebook page. You’re welcome to take a look. Just search Colin Hill Bancffosfelen. The page is public. Will put some more on tonight once I’ve caught up.

      All the best!
      Why’s it called a monument?


    • Hey Travis, good to hear from you. Discovering the scattered remnants of Route 66 has been fun although not the sole purpose of my trip. In fact I never really planned on looking for it in the first place. I guess we both just happened upon each other like all good internet buddies. Hope all is well with you? Are you posting and blogging anywhere these days? Cheers, Col


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