On our campground sign

There was written this line:

Please: BE BEAR AWARE !!

But where was the bear?


We asked the old elk

But she was of no help

And the big bison too

Stepping over his poo


We peered round the trees

And up through their leaves

But all that we saw

Were chipmunks galore


So we made us a plan

Asked National Park Man

But all he that he said

Was the ranger was dead!


Oh, how come he died?

Did a bear kill this guy?

Oh no, said our friend

But he met a bad end


He fell into Old Faithful

A geyser most ungrateful

His tubes became blocked

All the tourists were shocked


We gave up on our bear

Forgetting: BE BEAR AWARE !!

And back at our tent

With a look of content


Guess what we found

Spread all over the ground

A broken camp chair

And a big hairy bear


He’d eaten our grub

Was asleep on our rug

So what can we say

Now we’ve spent the whole day


They are out there you know

But not always on show

So if you search for a bear

Remember: BE BEAR AWARE !!


(My attempt at writing a poem for children! I saw lots of animals in Yellowstone – bison, elk, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, white pelicans, ground squirrels – but sadly no bears!)


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