cutting across Wyoming

the mountains appear just far enough away

to hold back the storm clouds


over Cottonwood Creek

past Cottonwood Ranch

the fence leaping deer make light work

of this rolling, undulating land


sudden outcrops of red rock

elephant footed in appearance

the wind gusting

nothing to stop it


you could get lost out here

in a ravine or gulch

befriend the black crows

the mighty eagles


become the next wilderness man

as far away as you want

just follow the telegraph poles

back in time to Daniel…


I took a chance

headed out west from Chicago

joined the Emigrant Trail

supplies loaded in a covered wagon

spades, picks, long handled axes

enough wire to demarcate what was mine

a thousand acre plot of sagebrush

hard truths and honest labour

a new way of living





this is my story

part truth

part myth


I wasn’t the first man to brave this frontier

there were others before me




government forces


go plant the Stars and Stripes

they told us

find water

a hollow for your cattle

trees for stakes



shelter from the summer heat

the ingredients for success


the first year was the hardest

some never made it through

dust driven droughts turned

to winter snows

the big sky our canvas canopy

our kingdom




god given


we fixed

we made good

sharpened our tools

honed our skills

saw out that first harsh winter

with prayers



we scrimped and saved

every dime and dollar counted

for in the spring

the cattle men came

our chance to pick the finest

barter prices

share whiskey




to have a herd

was to be a herdsman

some might say a cowboy

a rancher

a dream believer


with the first calves

some cash to reinvest

a proper cabin

long, dark days planning

cleaning gun barrels

stoking fires

flaming our faces

fortune telling


and maybe in a year or two

a wife and family

the privilege to provide

for town and country


the old Pony Express route

well that’s long gone

the telegraph poles came

and you can still find me

just follow them down through time

find the town that bears my name



Population 150

Elevation 7192





(this is a reimagining of history. Daniel, Wyoming is a real enough place. I drove through it today. There’s not much to see but, as with most places, history is never far behind us. I’ve just mixed it around a bit that’s all)



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