We are all driving around on this fragile caldera

Aware yet ignoring our apocalypse awaiting

She’s a brewing, bubbling, scenic wonder

Unpredictably natural with wanderlust beauty

Laughing deep within her magma filled belly

Sending warnings out vents and geyser breasts

There to entertain us, fumaroles and mudpots

Hissing, belching, stinking fumes of sulphur

Her colourful pools tempt with innocent eyes

Grand Prismatic Spring and Morning Glory

Clearest boiling blues, cooler orange browns

Either way, her hot tubs are not an invitation

With acidic spit her kisses will dissolve you

The Continental Divide she partly straddles

But one day she will wrench herself apart

Blow asunder, cause havoc, global winters

And all the souvenirs, postcards and trinkets

Will be but reminders as we struggle for survival


I’ve been here a few days so I can honestly say

That I’m Yellowstoned out, I’m super volcanoed

It’s time to leave before the next deadly eruption

Hopefully make it back home to relative safety

Just one more night with fading torch batteries

Blood pressure pills and scary late night reading

You can worry about bears, stampeding bison

But underground there is a helluva commotion

The devil’s own Armageddon of vengeance

Today, tomorrow or a thousand years hence

We simply don’t know, we simply don’t care

So let’s keep driving around on this fragile caldera.



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