The Sundance Kid

Leaving Sundance, Wyoming –

It’s where the Kid got his name

There’s a definite sense of

Heading home now

Of being called back



Exit 205 to Beulah –

Also a town in mid-Wales

Another reminder

A chat head pops up on my phone

How many tables needed for the Green Fayre in November?

I fire the information straight back


Welcome to South Dakota –

The Black Hills hang heavy to the north

A massive white teepee greets me

Gold Wings electro glide next to me

No sign of Rocky Racoon

Just roadkill skunks


Rest area tourist information –

I pick up my free state map

The woman advises me which way to go

But when I get there I’m not looking at the scenery

I’m looking out for rocks on the road

Dislodged by last night’s rain


Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway –

I’m stuck behind two Polaris buggies

Filled with spades and maintenance gear

Thirty five miles per hour

A selection of waterfalls

No passing zones


Reminds me of Snowdonia –

Those twisty narrow roads




Even in summer


I grab a Clif Bar –

Sierra trail mix



Raisins to be cheerful

Part 3


I laugh at my own joke –

Laugh at the bikers putting on their waterproofs


Feels like I’m driving through the back end of the tourist season

Lead-Deadwood High School

Welcome back students!


The autumn lull –

Fall’s faltering

A time to change the stock on shelves

Snow globes, gloves and winter gifts

Skiers and snowboarders are coming

A different crowd altogether


I drift into Deadwood –

The stagecoach departed years ago

Just gun shops galore

Mock wild west saloons

Whip cracking away

I’d like to stay a while but


I turn right for Mount Rushmore –

The road feels like it could be slippy

Greasy truckers

Boondocks fifties town is deserted

Stuck behind a pair of careful Corvettes

Forty five miles per hour


Experimental Forest Road –

I’d stop to take photographs but

The rain is washing us away

Feels like the land is purging itself of visitors

Turning its back on the summer

I connect up my iPod


Bobby Dylan sings –

Where have you been?

What did you see?

What did you hear?

Who did you meet?

And what’ll you do now?


Mt Rushmore –

Waste of time

Obscured by clouds

I put away my camera

The Sundance Kid is on the run





6 thoughts on “The Sundance Kid

  1. Enjoyed that little journey with you! We were in Bolivia were the Kid met his end alongside Butch. Some say the army gunned them down, others that the Kid put Butch out of his misery and then did for himself. No raisins to be cheerful there. Keep ’em coming.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! My journey is fast coming to an end and I’m not sure what will become of this blog (or me!). Maybe I will draw a line under it or chase it for a while longer and then gun it down in a spaghetti western style bloodbath shootout. I have an urge to read westerns especially those of Zane Grey. Yeehaw!!!!


  2. Hey, Colin! Last I saw, you were in Iowa headed back east from the Far you think you’ll make it to New Amsterdam or maybe Philly? There’s some great people watching to be had, man..

    Rachel x

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m biding my time in the Shenandoah’s before dropping my car back to DC on Sunday so no, those great people will have to do without me this time. New England in Fall is perhaps another trip in the making. Thanks for keeping me company Rachel. I will check out the link when my internet connection strengthens.


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