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wouldbe word flutterer and wannabe wanderer in search of truths near and far – come travel with me and share the journey whilst we enjoy our unique moment in time.

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I wonder who you are
why you come here
to share your soul and
spill your thoughts
into all these little boxes.

We are both so alike
yet with disparate lives
miles apart only
internet connected
through cabled wires.

I read your bio
what you choose to tell me
and make up the rest
fill in the blanks
pretend we’re old friends.

Where are you in this world?
I want to imagine your view
see what only you can see
when you write your words
on your laptop or phone.

Won’t you invite me there?
take me by the hand and show me
all that means so much to you
let me understand the why of your mind
and share some precious time.

One lifetime seems not enough
to put these words into all their many
convoluted combinations
to make sense of the turmoil in our heads
and make peace with one another.

We should meet up and say hello you
so nice to meet you and
have a nice day
it’s been fun
I love you.

Maybe then in this time and space
this world would be in better shape
if we all just hugged and said hello
and understood each other’s woes
all hatred laid to waste.

Anyways I’ve rambled on
you must think I’m daft
my head all wrong
it’s just reaching out
that’s all.


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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Colin,
    Just had a good gander at this blog and your USA travels. Jealous doesn’t come close and good to see you following through on it.
    The writing has certainly benefited too judging by the stuff on WOL.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Graham, that’s kind of you to take the time to check out my work. Sometimes I feel a bit like the holiday bore with his snaps and stories but I hope not. I’ve tried not to set any expectations on this trip, to allow myself to just go with the flow and see where the road and my imagination take me. On the whole it’s worked well. There is so much to see that even two months seems such a short time. You could spend two months in one state and never be through with it. But you know, the memories I will cherish the most are the ones I found in the most unlikely places. Take a back road or minor highway and a surprise will often be waiting round a bend. The big star attractions are worth seeing but the sheer volume of people often dulls the experience. Standing alone by a roadside in the middle of nowhere taking in the scenery and quiet is truly life affirming and awesome! Cheers, Colin.


  2. Hi Colin, really appreciate your candid sharing – it’s good to know a little abut the man behind the writing. Hope the trip is giving you what you need and a few surprises too! Love the donut shirt by the way! Grace

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Grace, thanks for reading. It’s been a while since I wrote that. Yikes, not sure what I shared. Only time will tell how much this trip has influenced me. I’m just so glad I found the strength to go through with it. There have been things I didn’t do which I’d planned to do and things I didn’t plan which I did do! So I guess it all evens out at the end of the road. I’m not sure how much more will be added to this blog but please stop by https://slideaways.wordpress.com/ where I will continue to post new work. I love my doughnut shirt too but never found the opportunity to wear it in America. Maybe I will wear it on the plane home. 😎


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